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The Green Goddess smoke shop located in Seffner is more than a smoke shop. Were an adult general store that caters to all types of lifestyles. Family owned and operated, it's our job to know about everything we sell in our store. We stock only high quality products and we wouldn't put anything on our shelves that we wouldn't buy ourselves.   


Herbal Alternatives

Home of Mayan Kratom!

We offer products that are 100% natural, vitamin and plant based that are used for pain, anxiety, stress, relaxation and much more....

Chemical Free Tobacco

Many of our Tobacco products are natural and chemical free. We offer specialized blends that taste just as good as the commercial brands that are on the market.

"It's a Life Style"

Green Goddess

Mayan Kratom contains 100% natural Kratom and is FDA compliant, no chemicals and no additives. Mayan Kratom is currently the highest strain of Kratom available. The Green Goddess does not carry any synthetic products! Mayan Kratom is currently the number ONE trusted brand of Kratom on the market NATIONALLY! To purchase Mayan Kratom Locally stop by the Green Goddess (see contact page for more info). Green Goddess is currently the only place in Florida that carries Mayan Kratom. To purchase Mayan Kratom online, CLICK HERE

Mayan Kratom has been AWARDED!

International Kratom Association, International Botanical Association, and New Herb Association product of the century. No Kratom product has ever reached the awards and responses that Mayan Kratom has gotten.

Everyday Low Prices!